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  • One to one yoga or gym coaching 

  • Semi-private yoga or gym sessions

  • Deep tissue massage and injury rehabilitation

  • Kinesio taping 

  • Group classes 

  • Relaxation treatments

  • Posture analysis 



Over the past 15 years I have been studying fitness, health and injury rehabilitation. My business First class fitness was created 10 years ago to keep together, the wide variety of services I can offer my clients.



2003 to 2006

I left school in 4th year to Study Fitness, health and exercise at college, where I learned so much, and which opened up a wide range of routes for my career. I was so passionate about learning everything, that I couldn’t decide what route I wanted to choose, so still to this day I use it all. The main things I have taken from my courses, is being qualified in exercise to music, Swedish and deep tissue massage, Injury rehabilitation and knowledge of the human body. During this time I was a lifeguard in the Time Capsule, and that course also helped me with my business today.


2006 to 2012

The next 6 years where a huge part of my career as I came out of college and started working full time in DW Coatbridge. I was very fortunate to be put through my level 2 gym instructor course, and then a few years later put through my Level 3 to become a personal trainer. In this time I got qualified in Spin, Salsa, Circuit training, Cardio fight, Stability ball, Zumba, Pump fx and Aqua aerobics.



This is the year I created First class fitness as I wanted to work for myself and be my own boss. I gradually built my own business by going part time gym staff and doing some mobile personal training, plus deep tissue massage. I spent my time traveling to personal training clients homes or meeting them in a park with a fitness matt, bow flex dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls. After 2 years of doing this I found myself loving body weight training as I didn’t need all the equipment and I learned and created lots of new exercise to use your body to Keep fit. I would have a mobile massage table where I would massage clients in their spare rooms or living rooms but found I was far to busy traveling and packing up equipment that I needed to have a base.


2012 to 2018

During the past 6 years I have been personal training my clients in my back garden and in a room I have converted in my garden for when it’s too wet. I love body weight training, barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells and resistance bands. My home Massage room was a place of Zen where my clients came to enjoy, Injury rehabilitation, relaxation massages including, reflexology, Indian head massage, hot stones and aromatherapy. I loved working from home as my life is my family! I could work and still be close to my husband and son even if just running into the house for a hug in between clients.



The last 6 months have been fantastic. John Paul, who I met back in DW, has created the best gym in Coatbridge, and has given Derek, Nadia and myself a fantastic facility to train, heal and educate our clients along side him. I will be doing Yoga sessions, personal training, injury rehab, deep tissue massage and kinesio taping. In the summer I like to take clients outdoors to enjoy training whilst having fun. I am looking forward to changing new clients lifestyles and making fitness fun whilst working hard.


I currently teach at Maureen Laughlin and Nadia BrownDance Academy in Bellshill and new stevenston where we have children from 18months to 30 years of age. Our main thing is Ballet, cheer, lyrical, street and Acrobatic arts. I would like to teach our members some ballet and Acrorobaticskills to add into their training. 


Please contact me with any enquiries 


Mobile - 07756401019

Facebook - Amanda Meek or First Class Fitness

Instagram –amanda.firstclassfitness


Email –

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