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  • Strength training/Powerlifting

  • Strongman, and strongwoman

  • Fun/fitness/function


My name is Derek and I’m the owner/Head Coach of Discover Training and I’ll be based from JP’s Gym the majority of the week.

Discover Training’s philosophy is that health and fitness is an integral part of a long, fulfilling life and can be a powerful catalyst for changing it. I believe that the foundation of any effective and well-rounded training program is strength training, based on my own 17 year experience within the industry, 5 years of which were spent coaching powerlifters, strongmen/women and other athletes almost exclusively, and several years spent as a tutor and online mentor to coaches and PT’s through Strength Education.

My approach can be simplified to “coach the human”. My clients are people first and clients second so their personality, preferences, lifestyle and values are considered alongside their goals and training needs when helping them make the changes they want or need to. I take what I learned working with athletes at world-class level and bring it to everyone, regardless of background, goal or lifestyle constraints.

Given my experience it’s evident I specialise in strength training, Powerlifting and Strongman/Strongwoman but these days most of my clients focus on what Nick Tuminello terms “F3: Fun, Fitness and Function.”

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions, concerns or want to know more just grab me if you see me in the gym or get in touch via the details below. 

Mobile: 07415678046

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