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When JP's opened back in June 2018 for the first time, the mission was clear...

To inspire, educate, and permanently change the lives of everyone who walks in it's door.

Not only did we want to provide the members with a gym that had the best of kit from companies like Atlantis, cyber, nautilus, life fitness, prime, kustom gym kit, etc, but also have a team of skilled, expert coaches on hand to offer the care and support they truly deserve.

Not like most commercial gyms, our bespoke kit and layout is designed to match the needs and body mechanics of everyone who walks through the door, and whether you’re a beginner, or an advanced athlete, we’ve got you covered!

The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly, and feels like a home away from home, just like JP himself intended.

Here we have a passion for fitness, strive for excellence, and promise you'll not find a more diverse, welcoming gym around.

This is your life, our passion, lets share it together.


24/7 all day every day (unstaffed)


Staffed hours

Monday to Friday 8am-8pm

Saturday 8am-4pm

Sunday 12-3pm