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John Paul


  • Permanent sustainable fat loss

  • Nutritionally qualified with body type nutrition


Since 2010 there hasn't been a day gone by where I haven't dedicated every minute of my life to helping others, like you, achieve there life long fitness goals.

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be an artist of some sort. I was really competitive, creative, and always determined to be the best.


I really loved to draw, paint, build and train but the one main fault I had was not sticking to anything specific. I just wanted to try anything and everything which over the years included karate, ice hockey, rugby, football, badminton, swimming, running, sprinting to name a few, all while being at art school. 


I would train every day for hours on end!


I had many different jobs when I left school from working with the social security for 5+ years, to sales, even managing local pubs so I could try and pursue a life as a solo artist which then turned into a karaoke presenter slash party animal, so you can imagine the social life I had, working every night of the week past 12 am.


It wasn't until 2010 that I realised life was flashing before my eyes. I wasn't happy, constantly left unfulfilled and going absolutely no where. 


Now there can come a point in our lives where it's either sink or swim, and the month of October was my time to jump in, take a chance and swim. So I let go of my old life, and never looked back.


Now I love to train, especially with free weights and have done sine I was 15 years old, and it's a funny thing that I never thought of a career doing something that I truly love, in my own gym where I can help others escape from the real world for a bit to grow, flourish and better themselves.


At 35 my passion for health and exercise has truly stood the test of time. It shall, and always will be my greatest masterpiece.


Some find their niche straight out of school or university, and others "like me" take a longer route, but the life experience along the way has given me the tools to understand my clients psychology, allowing a more personal in depth approach.


I truly believe a good coach can work with anyone.


We are all unique, and finding ones true individuality allows me the coach to provide sustainable nutritional practices along with a tailored training plan suited to your every need.


So my question to you is this... 


What area of your life can I help you improve? What is your goal?


Here is what I can offer...



  • Improved health and well being.

  • The tools to fuel your body and mind.

  • A better understanding of nutrition.

  • A fitter, faster and stronger version of you.

  • Physique/figure transformation.

  • Sports specific programming.

  • Effective fat loss both safe, and sustainable.

  • Muscle gain, and aesthetic development.



Or maybe you just need someone on your corner to keep you right?


If so you may be interested in'


  • One to one personal training

  • Online coaching 

  • Semi private coaching (train with a friend, a work colleague or partner)

I cant wait to work with you!

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