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  • Pre and post natal qualified, working WITH one to one, and small groups.


  • Tutor/assessor at the fitness educational academy


Specialising in both one to one coaching, and working with the general public, I've helped older adults, both with physical and mental challenges out in the community and within care homes, and worked with kids as young as seven years old. 

 In 2016, I qualified in exercise for pre and post natal, and being a proud mother myself, I feel I have gained more of an understanding into what is actually required when coaching new mothers. Another area of expertise I have is working with pre and post natal one to one, and on request can offer specialised group training.

Now with over 15 years experience, I continue to grow and develop as a coach, by tutoring and assessing the "newbies" in the industry.

Outwith coaching, back in 2013 I competed within natural bodybuilding in the athletic category, winning the world championship, and gaining my pro card. 











Not only a registered professional, I have a wide range of qualifications, and experiences.

To book a FREE consultation contact...

Mobile: 07870684341

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