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16 nutritional hacks, and tips to give you a start with your health and wellness goals!

Wednesday's weekly nutritional tips with JP.

1. Eat at least 3 balanced meals per day that all contain essential nutrients such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

2. The word ‘essential’ in front of a food group means that our bodies can’t produce these nutrients on their own, so we must get them from the diet (like essential amino acids, and fatty acids like omega 3 and 6).

3. Drink roughly 1ml of water for every calorie consumed, or half your body weight in pounds and convert to ounces (this includes teas, coffees too).

4. Ensure you get at least 3 servings of complete protein per day (1.6g to 2.1g per kg seems to be suffice in the literature for trained individuals). Additional protein required can be made up elsewhere, from snacks, and additional meals (amounts can vary based on ones body type, satiety, and overall goals).

5. Carbohydrates will not make you fat in a calorie deficit or controlled environment! In fact no foods do.

Truth be told whether it be today, tomorrow, or next week, at some stage you’re probably overeating 😱!

6. Please be an adult, and eat some fruits, and vegetables (start with a cup of each, then build it up as your palate changes over time.

7. All carbohydrates once digested by the body are converted to single sugars (your muscles 3-500g/brain 100-120g respectfully requiring the most sugar per day). If there's no carbs in the diet, your body can also convert proteins, and fats into sugars (have a think about that one).

8. There are no “FREE” whole or processed foods, just like their are no fattening foods if the diets controlled.

NOTE: All foods contain calories, and some just more than others, but the way or bodies digest various foods, and the nutrients they contain (fibre, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals) also play a role.

9. Removing any major food groups through fear, and lack of knowledge, may leave you with nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues, and a poor relationship with food long term (always consult with your GP or a registered dietician to keep you safe).

10. The “best diet for you” is one that allows you to perform, look, and feel at your best, and one that you can actually stick to. If your wondering how long you need to stick to any diet plan provided, bin it, it’s not for you!

11. You burn more fat on a "higher fat/low carb" diet because your consuming more fat! The same would be true if you consumed a “high carb/low fat diet”, where you’d burn more carbohydrates/sugars.

12. There are no magical foods, or formulas, and the amount required of each would be case dependant, and should be performance related (diabetics, sedentary, athletes etc).

13. No carbs after 6 is a terrible myth and has to die! It doesn't matter when you consume your carbohydrates, or any specific food group for that matter, if the total food volume is matched daily, weekly, etc. What matters is how specific foods make you feel at the time of day they’re consumed. Again this wouldn’t matter much in a calorie deficit, so choose the fuel source you enjoy the most.

14. The best supplements you can buy are whole foods within a balanced nutrient rich diet! Save your money unless advised by a legal practitioner, or your GP.

15. There are no evil hormones, or "good or bad foods", just bad nutritional strategies, that over time may affect your hormonal balance! Again, a balanced diet, while reducing, and managing daily life stressors, will ideally help regulate hormones and keep you zen.

16. Your body doesn’t know the difference between good and bad foods like cakes, potatoes, crisps, or fruit, when it comes to food, so really there’s no need to feel guilt when you think you’ve done bad. Your body only understands what’s in foods once their broken down at their cellular level, so learn, then create a diet that supplies all the nutrients required for function, performance, and survival.


17. You are not toxic! You don’t need cleansed! You just need to eat a balanced nutrient rich diet, stay hydrated, exercise a little, and let your liver do it’s job!



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