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JP’s training tips for women.

Some women, although this is rapidly changing, still don't enjoy using free weights, cables, or resistance machines for a few reasons.

1️⃣ They don't see it as a valuable fat loss tool.

2️⃣ Their partners have taken them into the gym, took them through one of their training protocols like chest day, threw some iron around, and given them a 'black or white' look at what a workout could look like.

3️⃣ They fear building muscle, and someday looking like the big ass men they see in their local gym!

Here are 3 of my top tips to not only change your training mindset, but also help you move a step closer to your goals.

Tip # 1 - Instead of thinking fat loss, fat loss, fat loss, which in my opinion can be very negative, think more in the lines of preserving what you have, which is both strength, and the very thing that is your aesthetic, toned physique (your muscle mass). Unfortunately with muscle mass being more metabolically active than fat (requires more calories to survive), your body when forced into a calorie deficit, and given the chance may happily exchange that hard earned muscle for additional fuel (does the term use it or lose it sound familiar).

So if you can focus on making improvements in the gym, and working hard with resistance, you'll be more likely to better preserve your muscles meaning most of the weight you'll be losing should be fat, plus day to day waste products (by products of metabolism, water weight etc), whereas if you focus more on just cardio with very little resistance, you might as well say bye, bye to your muscle mass, along with your strength, and maybe a little fat if your lucky!

NOTE: You ever wonder why you always feel heavier after a dieting phase, once the weight goes back on, and you’re at your pre diet weight?

Tip #2 - All training programs are fat loss orientated! Sure some may burn more calorie (note I never mentioned fat) than others, but very minimal, and purely dependant of the quality of your workout. If you can stop the 'trying to out train your diet mindset', and instead use the 'eat to support your training mindset', you should then be able to find the right amount, and quality of food, to suit your preferred training method!!

Tip #3 - You do not need to train like your boyfriend, or husband, and with the right coach, you can have a program not only designed to match your goals, but to cater for your needs as well. 99% of my female clients never use cardio machines in the gym for fat loss. Instead my programs are sequenced in a way to eliminate the need for a treadmill, and I find women are able to handle large amounts of training volume (sets, reps, weight) than their male counterparts, you can hit your lagging parts 2-5 times per week, without hindering recovery, if done correctly, and fuelled correctly.

Tip #4 - You will not, I repeat will not build muscle mass in a calorie deficit over time, as there isn't enough fuel coming in via food to do so. Sure muscles will become harder, firmer and appear 'more toned', but it'll be highly unlikely that you will be able to gain actual mass!! Also most of these huge guys you see are more likely using some form of anabolic enhancements, especially the ones that are beyond their natural capabilities!

And guess what... So are the women!

Plus - it's a known fact that resistance training trumps cardio in more ways than one when it comes to your physique goals, and remember that most if not all of the woman I'm talking to right now, would happily be slim, toned, and sculpted year round with no interest in getting any bigger, so the logic would be to train intense until your happy with what you have, then back off, and switch to maintenance mode.

Other additional benefits not too be missed -

✔️ will increase bone density (the stronger your muscles are, the stronger the bones need to be)!

✔️will improved posture when performed, and executed correctly!

✔️ will boost metabolism, increasing overall daily energy expenditure!

✔️will increase your need for additional carbohydrate, and other fuel substrates (as above), such as fats and proteins, meaning you can eat more delicious foods, and have a greater degree of flexibility!

✔️ utilising the above may also reduce the risk of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease etc.

✔️ will teach self discipline, mindfulness, and awareness!

✔️ may help you manage environmental stressors, and strengthen your quality of mindset!

✔️ will improve your overall quality of life, not just physically, but mentally!

So think survival, train to match your goals, be realistic, and really think about how long it takes to actually gain quality size!



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